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Chengdu Tours

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province and is renowned as being the “Heavenly State", the habitat of the much-loved giant panda and one of the most historic cities in China. Situated at the middle reach of the Minjiang River, west of Sichuan Basin, it is a pivotal hub connecting the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot, Emei Mountain as well as Daocheng and many of Sichuan's other famous tourist attractions.

Due to its singular location on the border of Sichuan's northwest highland and the Sichuan Basin, Chengdu has a unique climate. Generally speaking, the western part of Chengdu is cool while the east is warm at the same time all year round.

Chengdu, with a rich history of over 2,300 years, has an abundance of tourist attractions. Among them, Shu Han Culture, the scenery of the Heavenly State and the Giant Panda Reserve are among the most popular. There are plenty of famous scenic spots and historic sites, such as picturesque Jiuzhaigou, noted by the UN as one of the greatest natural legacies in the world; the eldest and largest Shu ancient city, Sanxing Dui, as well as Leshan Buddha and Wuhou Temple, built to commemorate Zhuge Liang, the Premier of the Shu Han Dynasty, known for his great wisdom.

From ancient times to the present, the wise and diligent Sichuan people have cultivated a unique culture in the fields of economics, science and technology and the arts. Among them, the famous four treasures of traditional Sichuan handicraft-embroidery, brocade, lacquer and bullion appliances enjoy both domestic and international acclaim. And Sichuan Opera, the representative genre of drama in Sichuan Province, has garnered renown and popularity for its magical arts of face changing and Spitting Fire.

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Top 10 Things to do in Chengdu

1. Giant Panda - During the trip in the hometown of giant panda, Please do not missing the good opportunity to come in contact with Giant Panda, one of the rarest animals in the world and known as a “living fossil” of the surviving species of the Forth Ice Age. The peaceful and bamboo-eating member of the bear family surely will impress you deeply.

2. Dujiangyan Irrigation Project - Another UNESCO listed World Heritage Site in Chengdu as Mount Qingcheng.

3. Emei Mountain - Mount Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China following Wutai Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain and Putong Mountain.

4. Du Fu Cottage - To experience and explore the simple and austere life of Du Fu, the great poet in Chinese history and one the cultural notable in the world history.

5. Wuhou Memorial Temple - Come and visit this ancient temple with a history of over 1,000 years, and to cherish the memory of Zhuge Liang, the distinguished statesman and strategist during the Three Kingdom Period.

6. Sichuan Opera - Enjoy the magic changing face and spitting fire and experience the strong local flavor.

7. Huanglongxi Ancient Town - Ramble around the ancient town covering a history of over 1,700 years, to appreciate the well preserved traditional architectural style buildings of West Sichuan and explore the deep local culture.

8. Jinli Street - Extolled as the “Riverside Scenes at the Pure Brightness Festival” of Chengdu, Jinli Street will bring tourists into the distant Three Kingdoms Period.

9. Drinking Tea - As Chengdu is abundant in tea, drinking a cup of fragrant tea everyday had being a custom enjoys great popularity in the city.

10. ChunchuanXiang Hot Pot - Chunchuan Xiang, another kind of hot pot, truly worth a trying.

Best Time to Visit Chengdu

Surrounded by the high mountains all around, Chengdu enjoys a subtropical monsoon and typical basin climate, charactering by an early morning, hot summer, cool autumn and warm winter. The best time to visit here are March, April, May, June, September, October and November. However, please do avoid the period from 1st October to 7th October when is the one-week long national holiday. As Chengdu is still a popular tourist destination, so it’s extremely crowded everywhere at the time!

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Chengdu City Highlights Private Day Tour A from US$100 p/p
Chengdu City Highlights Private Day Tour B from US$105 p/p
Panda Base and Leshan Giant Buddha Private Day Tour from US$110 p/p
Panda Base, Wenshu Monastery and Kuanzhai Alley Private Day Tour from US$100 p/p

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Among all the different Great Wall sections, you would be confused and wondered which is the best part of Great Wall Tour and what are the top Great Wall Tours Routine, check it here!

Chengdu 2 Days Prviate Package Tour With Hotel from US$280 p/p
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Traveler Reviews




Our tour was very good. We were so pleased to be at the Great Wall at an early time because there was almost no-one else there (8:30-9:00). An hour later and it was full of people. Our photos looked like they were from National Geographic! This was the highlight for us of the day. An amazing experience. Truly wonderful. 

The Jade Factory was very interesting, with a lovely lunch. I would have liked to have lunch with our tour guide to talk more about China, Beijing and the people. Our lady guide at the factory was very nice. Very kind, friendly and knowledgeable. We weren’t hassled to buy and staff left us to look around and answered any questions about the grade of things we looked at.

The Tea House was also interesting but I felt the lady giving the demonstration was trying too hard to sell tea and products. I said no to her several times and yet she persisted. We did buy some things, but she kept pushing to buy something else too. 

The quick stop off at the Birds Nest stadium was a surprise and an inspired decision! Again, a fabulous building and great to see. 

Finally, the Summer Palace. We walked the corridor and I had a lovely conversation with our guide. I would have liked perhaps a further 30 minutes there, but I understand time is tight in just a single day and besides, the Birds Nest was a modern surprise worth seeing. 

Our guide was knowledgeable about the things he showed us, his English was very good (I heard others who were difficult to understand) and he was very patient. I would have liked to exchanged telephone numbers to WhatsApp with him to exchange information about China and our different ways of living, but I don’t know if that would be allowed so I didn’t ask.

I would highly recommend tours with this company and we hope to come back to China for a longer visit, so will certainly book again!



The tour was great, the company is very responsible, tour guides are fun and they know all the history of the places we visited. Nice mini buses with A/C, food was delicious. Definitely I'll say that it's worthy to take tours with these friends!!! Lisbeth ~ Venezuela

Piotr S


We had a wonderful tour with our guide David. He took us to the Great Wall, tombs and later on, to the tea ceremony! I highly recommend this company! Worth last penny! Thank you David

 Norge N


We had three marvellous days where we were picked up at our hotel right on time every morning. The sights were spectacular, the guides well educated and pleasant and the bus tour convenient. All in all great value tours highly recommended. Thank you for fantastic memories from wonderful Beijing and the Great Wall!



It’s was amazing experience. The service was very good . Everything according to time . Also my tour guide Tania . She is amazing person . Way of rakh is very polite. I am give them 5 stars . In future I come back again...

  Cindy E


I booked the Mutianyu Bus Tour for 12 USD because it is cheaper and has only one side trip (Jade Factory). Our tour was on Oct. 30, 2018. We were picked up from our hostel at exactly 7 am and reached the Mutianyu early in the morning. As they advertised, there are no forced shopping when we were in Jade Factory. There are no hidden charges. We paid exactly 80 CNY per person in cash and nothing more. I'm happy because the mutianyu wall is not very crowded during that morning. We were able to sight see for 4 hours and went back to our meeting place by 1 pm. Since we did not book a free lunch tour, we just bring with us snacks and eat at the Great Wall. We were able to return to our hostel safely by 2 pm and we rested afterwards.
Honestly, I don't think they even profited from us. The great wall ticket already costs around 5.8 USD. The remaining 6 USD barely pays for the gas, driver and the tour guide. I hope many people can know this tour that is cheaper, legit and worth the price. I recommend this agency to anyone who's looking for a cheaper price and good service.

You can also check my detailed review here in this forum:   It's the 13th one.

  Anita M


Travel Beijing Tour (Mr. Meng) was very prompt in replying to my queries and saw to it that we have a memorable trip in Beijing and Shanghai. We saw most of the important destinations of Beijing as we took a 3 day tour with Travel Beijing in Nov'18. Also, took a day of Shanghai tour with them as well. The rates were very reasonable and the Best part was that lunch and tour passes were included. The Bus drivers and the tour guides were so prompt (never late) and extremely helpful. Our Heartfelt Thanks and Best Wishes to our tour guides Yoyo and Jackson. Both of them were so patient, polite, and knowledgeable. They were always eager to answer all our questions with great enthusiasm and smile. Jackson went out of his way to help us buy tickets and board the train in the subway station and guided us so well so that we reach Xi'an safely. Yoyo also stopped by the reception of our hotel and requested them to book a safe cab for us to go to the airport next day. Me and my family will always be immensely grateful to Travel Beijing Tour for the amazing and memorable trip of Beijing and Shanghai. Will surely refer to all my family and friends. Again our special thanks and good wishes to Mr. Meng, Yoyo and Jackson (and of course the expert drivers who drove us safely around).