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Pay For Your Service Online

With the fast-growing e-commerce and international trade, PayPal becomes the most popular paying tool in the world. It is convenient. Once paid, the payment is received at once. It accepts payment by debit card, credit card, e-check, etc. Worked as the third party in the transaction, Paypal is safe enough. Therefore, Paypal becomes the favorite payment mode nowadays. In the international trade, more than 90% sellers and more than 85% buyers choose PayPal in their transactions.
Besides, free sign-up and easy operation are the other two advantages of PayPal


What is our Cancellation Policy?

1. Some of our products are covered by the standard cancellation policy.  For these products, you can cancel your booking for a full refund up until 24 hours in advance of your activity.  You can cancel your booking by  written cancellation request to us.
2. Other products have ‘non-standard’ cancellation terms.  These products will indicate the specific terms and conditions in the email sent to you.


Service Payment Portal 

Pay partial or full amount on request
(Bank Handling Fee + 5% )



Please Note: You do not have to have a PayPal Account to Purchase Tour.
*We use them to securely process your payments. You can pay with any major credit card. When directed to PayPal, you can either login or just click on the grey box below the sign in area to pay directly with debit or credit card without a PayPal account.