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Remnant Badaling Great Wall Tours

Shixiaguan Great Wall(Remnant Badaling Great Wall) Introduction:

A section of the Great Wall that has remained unchanged since it was built in the Ming Dynasty till now. This place named Shixiaguan Great Wall or Remnant Badaling Great Wall, it is noly 5km away from the Badaling Great Wall.

As the west gate of the defense system of the Badaling Great Wall, it has not been renovated or decorated since it was built. The Shixiaguan Great Wall was constructed among lofty and precipitous peaks and the original connecting walls and standing towers still reveal its magnificent grandeur although it is now imcomplete and weather-beaten.

There are two other areas of carchaaeological value at the foot of Shixiaguan Great Wall. One is the ancient quarry used in the construction of the Great Wall, where the split rocks and sutting stones are still quite evident, the other is a part of an original brick kiln, from which all the wall bricks were made by ordinary people hundred of years ago. With the incomplete beauty of the ancient culture. The Remnant Badaling Great Wall is characterized by its remnant style.

Remnant Badaling Great Wall Tours

Shixiaguan Great Wall Private Day Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour
Place to visit: Shixiaguan Wild Great Wall
Tour Duration: 8 hours
Service Includes: Entrance Tickets, English-speaking Guide, Air-conditioned Private Car

dollar currency sign Price from: USD45/person